What is a Virtual Event

A virtual event puts you in control of your own discipline.

It allows you to decide the date, the location and start time. It can happen over a few days or even weeks.

You then post your time on our website and compare it with other people from all over the globe,
all we ask is that provide evidence.

Once your time has been reviewed we will get a medal and maybe other goodies sent out to you

When do I receive my rewards

Your reward will be sent out as soon as we’ve reviewed your submitted evidence.

We will send you an email saying that your time has been approved and then post them 2nd class by Royal Mail so please allow 3 – 5 days for delivery.

What do you mean by evidence

We require evidence as a proof of your participation in one of our events.

It can be as simple as a screenshot of a mobile phone application, a link to an activity tracker or a photo of a treadmill activity summary.

Evidence can be uploaded via the ‘My Account’ section of the website.

Do I have to complete the event in one go

No, you can upload multiple files to show you have completed the challenge.

Where can I view my results

Full results can be found on the events page both post and during the course of the events ‘active’ period.

Individual times can also be found on the ‘My Accounts’ page.

If you have any queries regarding your times please contact us using the ‘Send us a Message’ below

What are the restrictions on an event

All of our events can be done by anyone of any ages. (we recommend children are accompanied by adults)

Your event doesn’t have to be completed in one session and can be spread out over several days or weeks as long as the evidence is submitted to us.

Most of our events have a start and finish date during which time the activity must be completed.

For this and other event specific restrictions please see the relevant events page